S1 Touring

S1 Touring

S1 touring

Traveling in the mountains(touring) with a kite is becoming more and more popular, so our designers got a new task to create a kite that will be ideally suit this activity. The main aspects to which we paid attention were maximum safety, ease of use, as well as packing volume and weight.
We are glad to present you a new single-skin kite S1 touring.


  • Single skin lightweight construction
  • Creates a lot of power even in a gentle breeze
  • Easy hold on the edge of the wind window
  • Instant depower
  • Suitable for riders of any level

Range of use:

  • Snowkiting
  • Touring
  • Landkiting
  • Kite schools


Snowkite Aeros S1 Touring - Mountain single skin kite from MorisBrothersRiding on Vimeo.

Sizes: 6, 8 m2

Aeros S1 Touring 4 6 8
Area flat, sqm 4 6 8
Wing Span, Flat, m 3,89 4,77 5,51
Aspect Ratio Flat 3,80 3,80 3,80
Number of Panels 27 27 27
Canopy Weight,
(incl. suspension lines and mixers), gr
710 920 1080
Recommended Line Length, m 20 20 20 
Recommended Bar Size, cm 45 45 55