Compi 3

Compi 3

Compi 3 - born to compete!
Ultimate aspect ratio foil kite.

Today, more and more kiters are learning to ride with a hydrofoil. Some of them wish to participate in races and fight for the title of the fastest rider. To achieve this goal, there are two important aspects - the training of the athlete himself and his equipment (kite, hydrofoil).

To participate in the races, we created a special kite - the new Compi v3.

We recommend this kite to advanced riders, those whose aim is  to show the best result in races. Easy and intuitive control will allow you to perform all maneuvers at good speed without losing comfort!

  • high speed
  • wide wind range
  • impressive stability in strong wind and in turbulence
  • excellent power in a gentle breeze
  • quick and easy water relaunch

Kite can be equipped with standard or carbon race bar.

Aeros Compi v.3 9 11 15 19
flat, sqm
9 11 15 19
Wing Span
Flat, m
7.7 x 10.6 11.9
Ratio Flat
6.5 x 7.47 7.47
Number of
53 x 57 57
Center Chord, m 1.45 x 1.67 1.88
Wind range, knots 20+ 12-22 7-18 5-14
Price include 20% VAT, euro 1930 2035 2290 2580